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The purpose of this page is to culminate media pertaining to the best practices, strategies and how adoption can be implemented to your business or institution. This media is separated into categories by types of media.

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This is a case-study of Micromax, a wireless and TV manufacturer. Micromax’s wireless business has a very competitive market share in Indian Market, where they experienced a failure in their wireless business at the same time. This presentation contains analysis of their failure in wireless business and strategies for their future innovation-adoption development.

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A Practical Innovation Adoption CycleEdit

A Practical Innovation Adoption Cycle

A Practical Innovation Adoption Cycle

A fun video that looks into the adoption cycle as it pertains to the diffusion of innovation!

Creator: People Yes Sept 12, 2014

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The New Innovation Adoption Curve Edit

The New Innovation Adoption Curve-0

The New Innovation Adoption Curve-0

Iterate Studio fills the unique role of getting worthy start-ups adopted by major retail and media brands while simultaneously enabling the brands to become early adopters at low risk and low cost. We are the bridge across the chasm.(Iterate Studio)

Creator: Iterate Studio Jan 12, 2014

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12 Stages in Adoption and InnovationEdit

12 Stages in Adoption and Innovation -- Decision Process

12 Stages in Adoption and Innovation -- Decision Process

A video presentation which covers the 12 stages of the adoption process in terms of innovation diffusion. 

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Creator: PG Diploma in AEM MANAGE  May 28, 2014


Applying Diffusion Theory Edit

This online publication shows an excellent example of how diffusion of innovation theory is applied in media literacy programs of schools.  This article focuses on how instructional designers are using the theory of innovation diffusion in hopes of increasing the implementation and utilization of innovative instructional products and practices.[1]

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