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The purpose of this page is to culminate media pertaining to the best practices, strategies and how dissemination can be implemented to your business or institution. This media is separated into categories by types of media.

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Social media based dissemination strategies for Erarmus project managersEdit

This Slideshare provides dissemination strategies concerning social media for a particular project. Also, it considers the viability of the Internet and social networking tools, such as Facebook, Ning, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Dissemination 2.0 - the role of social media in research disseminationEdit

This Slideshare is of the dissemination 2.0 and the role of social media in research dissemination. It considers dissemination as an action that been used to diffuse knowledge. This presentation focuses on the appropriate ways to disseminate science.

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Research Dissemination Best Practices Resource Document Edit

This document talks about dissemination best practices in terms of significance, research results, and development of strategies. It goes into more comprehensive details on specific resources such as websites, social media, and seminars that are available to facilitate the dissemination of research!

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Dissemination and utilization of the project resultsEdit

This wiki article defines three definitions that are dissemination, exploitation, and valorisation, which is a French term that describes the process of disseminating and exploiting the outcomes of projects. Valorisation involves six steps that can make a more effective dissemination process. There are two important aspects of the valorization process that lead to the success, which are developing quality of criteria and improving dissemination strategies. Finally, the wiki refers to the significance of dissemination and exploitation of the project’s outcomes (www. evspedia).

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Citation: Evspedia. Retrieved April 2, 2015 from the Evspedia wiki:

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